WORKSTREAM 1: Partnerships

For a whole of country low carbon transport transition strategy to be successful it requires engagement and participation of all stakeholders. The objective is a collaborative national Rebbelib (navigation chart) supported by regional and international actors. MCST is a hub and coordinating body for a national program that brings together government, industry and civil society supported by regional and international actors. MCST will continue to build quality long-term partnerships with all willing participants who can assist in achieving its national targets.

Meeting the challenges of a climate changed future requires nothing less than a paradigm shift.  In the UNFCCC and IMO RMI and the Pacific are calling for no more than 1.5 degrees Celsius global warming. This requires a transition to decarbonisation of all energy sectors. The MCST is a resource and an engine to drive such a paradigm shift in transport in the Pacific. We recognize this is not a voyage we can achieve alone. This is why Partnerships is the first work stream and highest priority under the MCST Framework.

MCST is an "all willing partners welcome" approach. 1.5 to Stay Alive needs all of us. For those who have been so tireless and generous in their support to date we say Kommoltata – thank you. To those who wish to join us we say Yowke – welcome!

Our Partners