Core Team

Brad Carte MCST Operations Manager, CMI
Fredrick Francis MCST Finance Officer
Aileen M. Sefeti Project Director
RMI-based Centre from Laucala
Dr. Peter Nuttall Scientific and Technical Advisor
Micronesian Center for Sustainable Transport
Atina Schutz Legal Researcher
Maria Sahib Senior Research Consultant/6PAC+ Coordinator
John T Artist
Senior performing artist, music tutor, researcher and choreographer
Pierre-Jean Bordahandy (PJ) Associate researcher
Andrew Irvin
On PHD study leave at University of Melbourne

Expert Advisors

Wayne Kijiner Alternative Energy Specialist
Marshall Energy Company
Tristan Smith Associate Professor at UCL Energy Institute, Director UMAS
Dr Aly Shaw
University College London
Captain Professor Michael Vahs Professor for ship operation and simulation
Christiaan De Beukelaer
Author of “Trade Winds: A Voyage to a Sustainable Future for Shipping” & Senior Lecturer in Culture & Climate at the University of Melbourne
Gavin Allwright Secretary general of the International Windship Association (IWSA)
Dr Hyeon-Ju Kim Principal Researcher
Korea Research Institute of Ships and Ocean Engineering
Alison Newell