Aileen M. Sefeti


Aileen is of Rotuman/Fijian decent, raised and brought up in Majuro, Marshall Islands. She served as a Research Assistant and the acting Project Coordinator for the Center for Vocational & Continuing Education (CVCE) at the University of the South Pacific (USP) Marshall Islands campus from 2017- early 2019. She went on to serve as the Administrative Assistant and Budget Officer at the Embassy of the Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI) in Suva, Fiji from 2019 to 2023. Whilst serving at the Embassy, she was pulled in to work with the technical team for the Micronesian Center for Sustainable Transport (MCST) in 2021 to help provide support to Ambassador Ishoda (RMI’s Ambassador to Fiji then) who led RMI’s shipping decarbonization efforts at the regional and international fora. She is currently part of the MCST support team, and served as the Outreach Coordinator & Project Director back-up for the Ministerial Taskforce and the Special Envoy on Maritime Decarbonization for the RMI from 2022-2023.

Aileen also attended the IMO meetings in London as part of the support team to the Marshall Islands delegation, particularly for the 14th Intersessional Working Group on Greenhouse Gas Emissions (ISWG-GHG) meeting and the 79th session of the Marine Protection Environment Committee (MEPC). She continues to participate and engage in IMO negotiations at ISWG-GHG/MEPC, and at national and regional meetings concerning transport and shipping decarbonization for the RMI.