Blue-Green Symposium, Majuro 1-2 December 2017

Sponsored by the Korean Ambassador to Micronesia, H.E. Song-in Kim and hosted by the Micronesia Center for Sustainable Transport, the 2017 Blue-Green Symposium focussed on two emerging Korean technologies, Wingships and Biomass Power plants. The Symposium was well attended by RMI government, Korean government, industry and researchers, MCST, World Food Program and LCSTTP staff.

Symposium Photos:

Symposium Documents:

  1. 2017 Blue Green Economy Symposium Program

Selected Presentations:

  1. 1-1 Nuttall Korean Blue green 2017
  2. 1-2 Tafaaki MCST Framework 2017
  3. 1-3 French World Food Program
  4. 1-4 Kang Wing Ship Technology
  5. 2-1 Choe Potential for WIG in Pacific KMI
  6. 2-3 Nuttall Strategic approach to Wingships
  7. 3-1 Heine RMI Energy Sector
  8. 3-2 GIMCO Biomass Program in South Pacific
  9. 4-2 Financial Support Measures for Wingship Expansion