Framing Ambition at IMO on GHG Reduction: E-Bwebwenato Series


RMI and Solomon Islands, with support from Pacific high ambition delegations, is pressing IMO to agree to adopt zero by 2050 targets in its Revised GHG Emission Reduction Strategy in 2023. We have also submitted a high ambition proposal for a universal, mandatory GHG levy on all international shipping with an entry price of $100 ton/CO2-e. It is imperative for 1.5 degrees that these are brought to the forefront of IMO negotiations now.

Ambassador Ishoda will convene a series of e-bwebwenato for high ambition folk to talk through these issues and discuss how we can aim for the highest possible ambition at IMO throughout 2021.

Framing Presentation to e-bwebwenato #1 20 May 2021   Framing Presentation to e-bwebwenato #2 13 June 2021

28 July, 2021

Third e-Bwebwenato (e-Talanoa) Session for Framing Ambition for MEPC77. Theme: Coral and Ice

This session addressed the dying of coral reefs in the ocean and presence of black carbon in the Arctic and was hosted by Ambassador Albon Ishoda of the Marshall Islands Embassy in Suva, Fiji. The session was designed to talanoa about the survival of coral reefs and emission reduction of black carbon at the IMO.  The Coral theme was introduced (click here for presentation) together with video played on "Rise: From One Island To Another" by two indigenous poets - one from the Marshall Islands (Kathy Jetñil-Kijiner) and another from Greenland (Aka Niviâna) - meet at the source of our rising seas to share a moment of solidarity. The Ice theme was presented by ICC (click here for presentation) and CAA.

9th September, 2021

The theme for the 4th e-Bwebwebnato Session is the Decarbonizing Shipping: Final Ambition and Equity (click here for Presentation).  Read more at Equity and equitable transition: In a world of Shipping decarbonisation (mcst-rmiusp.blogspot.com)

13th October, 2021

The theme for the 5th e-Bwebwebnato is Decarbonizing Shipping: Mid Term Measures. (Click here for Presentation).  

16th November, 2021

The theme for the 6th e-Bwebwenato is Decarbonizing Shipping: Mid Term Measures "Working Together for an Equitable Transition to 1.5" (Click here for Presentation)

24th February, 2022

The theme for the 7th e-Bwebwenato is Decarbonizing Shipping: Equity and Disproportionate Negative Impact (Click here for Presentation)

7th Bwebwenato ppt Equity and Disproportionate Negative Impact

5th May, 2022

The theme for the 8th e-Bwebwenato is Enabling Equitable Transition

  1. 8th e-Bwebwenato - Enabling Equitable Transition [Pacific Presentation] - (Click here for Presentation)
  2. 8th e-Bwebwenato - Enabling Equitable Transition [World Bank Presentation] - (Click here for Presentation)
8th e-Bwebwenato - Enabling Equitable Transition [Pacific Presentation]   8th e-Bwebwenato - Enabling Equitable Transition [World Bank Presentation]