Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition (CPLC)

Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition (CPLC)

The Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition (CPLC) is a unique initiative that brings together leaders across national and sub-national governments, the private sector, and civil society with the goal of putting in place effective carbon pricing policies that maintain competitiveness, create jobs, encourage innovation, and deliver meaningful emissions reductions. The Coalition aims to drive action through knowledge sharing, targeted technical analysis and public-private dialogues that guide successful carbon pricing policy adoption and accelerate implementation.

The Coalition began forming from a groundswell of support for carbon pricing at the 2014 United Nations Climate Summit, where 74 countries and more than 1,000 companies expressed support for carbon pricing. The Coalition was officially launched at COP21 in Paris in December 2015.

As of 2017, the CPLC has more than 25 national and sub-national government partners, 150+ private sector partners from a range of regions and sectors, and 30+ strategic partners representing NGOs, business organizations, and universities.

The CPLC has set ambitious targets to double the percentage of global emissions covered by explicit carbon prices to 25% by 2020, and to double it again to 50% within a decade.

To achieve these goals, leadership is needed to guide policy design and implementation, and to make the case for establishing an effective price on carbon. By joining the Coalition, partners have the opportunity to: