Sustainable Shipping Beyond Emission Reductions

Sustainability is about more than carbon reduction, but we are currently evaluating the shift to new fuels on the basis of price, availability and technical feasibility. The ability to provide transportation infrastructure and services that are safe, socially inclusive, accessible, reliable, affordable, fuel-efficient, environmentally friendly, low-carbon and resilient to shocks and disruptions including those caused by climate change and natural disasters — that’s a much bigger conversation. Are we as an industry genuinely looking for real reductions in greenhouse gas emissions or is this simply a question of tick box accounting? This week’s podcast looks for a more holistic discussion on shipping’s sustainability challenge with an international panel of experts from Lloyd’s Register, China Navigation and WWF.

Speaking on this week’s edition are:

•            Katharine Palmer, Global Sustainability Manager at Lloyd’s Register

•            Mark Lutes, Senior Advisor on Global Climate Policy at WWF’s Climate and Energy Practice

•            Simon Bennett, General Manager for Sustainable Development at The China Navigation Company



We are proud to see our colleagues from Swire and Lloyd's included in this featured interview, and the role of WWF in the environmental discussion is much appreciated.


For the full podcast, please visit the link below: