Tuvalu Takes Aim at Launching Blockchain Digital Ledger

In pursuit of becoming the world's first paperless society, the Government of Tuvalu is interested in using blockchain technology to create a national digital ledger, which would place all of Tuvalu's data online using Bitcoin Satoshi Vision's (BSV) public ledger. Turning its cash economy toward digital currency is also under consideration by Tuvalu's Minister for Justice, Communications and Foreign Affairs, Simon Kofe.

While Tuvalu has only one bank and no credit card facilities, Kofe claims the benefits of transitioning to digital records will entail greater access and efficiency, but one of the biggest issues raised by Tuvaluans was the difficulty of accessing cash across Tuvalu's nine island groups, where reliable internet access is an ongoing challenge. 

The additional carbon footprint of international energy requirements to manage blockchain-related server demands should not be neglected, as well.



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