Stena Bulk Announces Zero-Emissions Vessel Concept

Stena Bulk unveiled its InfinityMAX design, intended to carry both dry and wet cargoes in modular compartments, which it claims could be as transformative as containerisation in the 1950s.

The potential for more standardised supply chains and reduced environmental impact is intended to reshape perspectives on bulk trade. Each modular cargo units is meant to be autonomous regarding energy use, with wind turbines and solar panels generating all the electricity needed for internal systems, and may be dropped off outside of ports and picked up by tugs, avoiding congestion and reducing call times dramatically. It is expected to use hydrogen as a marine fuel and wind turbines to generate further energy, with collapsible wing sails and a shark skin hull to significantly improve efficiency.

Although the vessels will be crewed for safety and flexibility reasons, Stena Bulk has designed the InfinityMAX concept to be semi-autonomous.


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