UN chief, António Guterres - "the doors for action are closing for action...we must act smartly and quickly to make the next 9 years count"

"We must accelerate the decarbonisation of the entire transport sector" Antoinio Guterres says.

Strong statements by the UN chief comes out loud and clear on shipping and airlines industries GHG Emissions at the opening session of the 2nd United Nations Conference on Global Sustainable Shipping, in Beijing China. 

The UN chief goes on to say that current commitments are not aligned with the 1.5 degree line under the Paris Agreement.  In fact they are more consistent with warming way above 3 degrees...Zero emission ships must be the default choice, and commercially available for all by 2030, in order to achieve zero emissions in the shipping sector by 2050. - Companies must start using sustainable aviation fuels now, in order to cut carbon emissions per passenger by 65 per cent by 2050.

Watch video here.