Palau Seeks Carbon Neutral Designation as Tourism Destination


Launched in August, a collaboration between Sustainable Travel International, Slow Food International, and the Palau Bureau of Tourism seeks to achieve carbon neutrality for the economy of the Republic of Palau. In 2019, 89,000 international travelers visited the nation, with Tourism contributing US$67 million, or 47%, of national GDP. Tourism is also a key driver of climate change through transport and consumption patterns of visitors incurring heavy usage of fossil fuels, which directs revenue away from the island to meet the fuel import requirements currently needed.

The collaboration seeks to engage in sustainable agriculture and fisheries management, reduce reliance on imports, and develop a carbon management tool for tourists to calculate and track emissions from their travel and tourism activities, and then be offered choices for carbon offsetting such as mangrove restoration, or regional sustainable production activities that reduce CO2 emissions. All offset choices will be based in Palau, and it is expected the tool could raise over US$1m per annum

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