Rolls-Royce Now Testing 100% Sustainable Aviation Fuels

Rolls-Royce has begun testing 100% Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) in the new Pearl 700 business jet engine in Dahlewitz, Germany, where the Rolls-Royce BR700 family of turbofan engines is manufactured, and follows on previous tests in the larger Trent 1000 engine in Derby, UK. SAFs are produced from municipal solid wastes; cellulose waste from the forestry industry; used cooking oil; energy crops, including comelina, jatropha, halophytes, and algae; and non-biological fuels like waste gases from steel works. SAFs can be blended with conventional fuels without the need for extensive changes to existing infrastructure. With civil air authorities only allow blends of up to 50% SAF, Rolls-Royce's ongoing tests are intended to demonstrate 100% SAF can be used in conventional jet engines safely, reducing aviation emissions by over 75%.


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