Denmark Announces US$34b Artificial "Energy Island"

Denmark’s government has agreed to take a 51% stake in a £25bn (US$34b) 120,000m2 artificial “energy island” to be built 50 miles (80km) offshore, in the middle of the North Sea to provide 3m households with energy as part of a Public-Private Partnership.

Protected from North Sea storms on three sides by a high sea wall, it will include a dock for service vessels on the remaining side. It is geared towards realization of the enormous potential for offshore wind technology, building on an agreement to construct two wind energy hubs, one artificial and another centered on the Baltic island of Bornholm. The two hubs will initially support 5GW of wind generation and will later be expanded to as much as 12GW, with completion intended before 2033.


For additional details on the enormity of the project, please visit the link below: