Achievement of Fiji Renewable Electricity Targets in Doubt

Crucial to plans for any widescale electrification of vehicle fleets around the Pacific region is the ample supply of renewably generated electricity. Recent statements from the Fiji Ministry of Infrastructure & Meteorological Services indicate Fiji may not be able to achieve its target under the National Development Plan to use 100 percent renewable energy by 2036.

This should serve as a stark reminder that there is no single technology to serve as a panacea in global and regional decarbonization efforts. Reduction of consumption, increases in efficiency, and behavioral change are all necessary to draw down emissions to stay within our global carbon budget. The onus is upon over-developed nations to rein in their energy and resource use even further, but Pacific Island Countries are positioned to lead by example and face existential threats if decarbonization ambitions are not starkly elevated around the world.


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