Australian Researchers Publish Ammonia Production Breakthrough

Published in the journal, Energy and Environmental Science, new research from UNSW Sydney and the University of Sydney outlines a method that allows for the production of hydrogen without the need for the production of high temperatures, high pressures, and only requires air, water and renewable electricity as inputs.

Ammonia has emerged as an option for use in the energy sector, acting as an ideal vehicle for safely storing and transporting hydrogen for export, joining its agricultural applications.

The production of ammonia under this process is more environmentally friendly than most methods currently used by industry, and could eliminate the use of fossil fuels in the process. More work is required before the method is ready for commercialisation, but currently, the Haber-Bosch method produces more CO2 than any other chemical-making reaction, consuming about 2% of the world’s energy, generating 1% of its CO2.

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