Norsepower Installs Tiltable Rotor Sails on the SC Connector Vessel

orsepower, a Finland-based provider of auxiliary wind propulsion systems, has successfully installed two 35-metre tall Rotor Sails for SEA-CARGO, a logistics provider in the North Sea market.

Norsepower, based in Finland, has installed two 35 meter rotor sails for SEA-CARGO. The world’s first tiltable rotor sail, showcases that vessels with height restricted routes can benefit from this emission-saving technology. Installation onboard the SC Connector, a 12,251 gross tonne sidedoor roll-on/roll-off (RoRo) vessel, is expected to achieve a fuel consumption, fuel cost, and carbon emissions reduction of up to 25%.

In good wind conditions, the sailing vessel will maintain regular service speed by sail alone.



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