Leclanché has developed new battery systems for the maritime sector, powering fully electric vessels, such as the 100% fully battery powered e-ferry Ellen. Ellen boasts the world’s largest all-electric ferry powertrain, funded under the European Commission’s Horizon €80bn (US£90bn) 2020 program.

Ellen connects Søby and Fynshav, on the islands of Aerø and Als, in southern Denmark, carrying approximately 30 vehicles and 200 passengers with a capacity of 4.3MWh through graphite/nickel-manganese cobalt lithium oxide (G-NMC lithium-ion) battery cells with a bi-cell laminate design and ceramic separators maximize safety.

It has completed 1,000 trips at 40km, and is expected to reduce annual emissions by 2,000 tonnes of CO, 42 tonnes of NOx, 2.5 tonnes of particulates and 1.4 tonnes of SOx.