DNV-GL Angles toward Ammonia & Methanol as Future Fuels

Class society DNV GL has released fourth edition of its Maritime Forecast to 2050, now anticipating hydrogen will not be among the leading fuels of the future for shipping.

Looking at 16 different fuel types, the DNV GL investment position in LNG was reflected, with fossil fuel-based LNG expected to gain a significant share until regulations tighten in 2030 or 2040. By 2050, e-ammonia, blue ammonia and bio-methanol were deemed most promising carbon-neutral fuels. Limited uptake of hydrogen as a ship fuel was predicted (as a result of both the estimated price of the fuel and the investment costs for the engine and fuel systems), but may serve in the production of several carbon-neutral fuels such as e-ammonia, blue ammonia, and e-methanol.


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