Hydrogen's Role In Aviation Under Examination

Hydrogen-powered fuel cells for aircraft have been tested by NASA, running small planes on them for years of experimental trials. Planes would require a hydrogen fuelling infrastructure that does not exist now -- the same problem that has held back fuel-cell cars and the international shipping sector is now trying to address.

Eremenko's startup, called Universal Hydrogen, has developed Kevlar-coated, pill-shaped pods -- about 7 feet in length and 3 in diameter (2.13m x 0.9m) - filled with hydrogen, designed to double as a storage container for transporting the hydrogen, by truck, train or other means, and a gas tank when loaded into a plane. Each would hold about 208 gallons of water, and they can be stacked in racks so that 54 would fit inside a standard freight shipping container. "We want to basically turn hydrogen into dry freight,'' said Eremenko, without the need for pipelines or similar infrastructure.