Wingship Project

Wingship Project


Wing in Ground technology (WIG) offers a potential game changer – the ability to fly boats at high speed just a few meters above the sea surface with major fuel savings as opposed to conventional ships or aircraft.

MCST has been following this technology closely.  In particular we have been working for several years with Korean researchers and regulators including the Korean government, the Korean Maritime Institute Wingship Technology Corporation and Aron Flying Ships to undertake validation and economic feasibility studies of this technology. 

The Korean government sponsored MCST to host a Blue-Green Symposium, Majuro 1-2 December 2017 to bring international expertise to discuss this project with RMI stakeholders.

To be successful, a program for sub-regional roll-out of this technology and related hard and soft infrastructure in neighboring states will be required.

In 2023, MCST signed a MOU with Gyeongnam Technopark (GNTP) and the Korea Testing Laboratory (KTL) to collaborate in the fields of Ocean Mobility, Energy and the Environment to develop and operate a sustainable and decarbonized transport system for the RMI, the Pacific Islands nations and the Republic of Korea.