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Go Sail Cargo – The new Corporate Entity and its potential

October 3rd, 2023 by admin

In order to steer Go Sail Cargo towards sustainable zero-carbon growth and global expansion, a new business entity must be created.

Capital raising is first on the list and here we must be clear in our goals and informed as to how to achieve them, but thinking laterally and being prepared to abandon preconceived ideas, unless they dovetail with the aims of the new company, is essential. In order to be taken seriously any new entity must present a practical, viable, scalable and profitable proposition that is demonstrably beneficial to all stakeholders. One that fulfills a clearly identified need and does so in a non-invasive and non-polluting manner for the foreseeable future. Go Sail Cargo ticks all those boxes.

It is my aim to develop a structure that is essentially cooperative in ownership and concordant in action. Specifically, the Pacific Nations, with their overwhelming dependence on maritime transport and centuries of advanced and intuitive navigational skills should be fairly represented and ideally, shareholders.

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