Shipping Industry Contemplates a Return to Sail

Sail Magazine has recently published a feature by Lydia Mullen in which she provides an overview of the various developments in the Shipping industry which mark further consideration of reincorporating wind propulsion into mainstream operations. Highlight designs such as the Ceiba by Sailcargo Inc (, theTres Hombres (, as well as retrofits such as the Seawing, a wing-like kite fitted to the bow of existing ships, built by Airseas (, a subsidiary of Europe’s aircraft builder, Airbus. Germany’s SkySails Group ( is developing sails to deploy and manage themselves automatically, and can be built as large as 10,700ft. Norsepower ( and Anemoi Marine Technologies ( are highlighted for their production of Flettner Rotors, as well. France’s Neoline (, is mentioned, as well as fellow French firm, TOWT (, which is now working on plans for a 220ft, three-masted schooner with a projected average speed of 12 knots and a carrying capacity of 1,000 tons.

Gavin Allwright of the International Windships Association ( (of which MCST is a member), said, “It’s my job to sell the concept that wind works and is a real solution for shipping. It’s our member’s job to sell the technology they’ve created to make it happen.”

IWSA advocates for wind-powered shipping solutions. Classics, retrofits and new builds are all represented in the group’s membership, making it an international alliance where would-be competitors come together to promote a common goal. IWSA has been instrumental in promoting MCST activities across the wider industry of companies and individuals focused on the future of wind-propulsion in shipping, and additional material may be found at the link below: